Luke Bryan doin’ his thang!

There are times when I get to part of something that really makes me appreciate the people and experiences I have had in my 28 years on Earth.  My breath is literally taken away by some of these moments I have been able to actively participate in and I want the memories that are made to last my entire life.

In my last job, I got the opportunity to work with a guy who made me tired just by describing his day-to-day work. He busted ass, he worked long hours, he dealt with a lot of bullshit. Yet at the end of the day, he produced amazing events – everything from country concerts to comedy shows to sports. He wow’ed me everytime I saw the finished product.

In the entertainment/sports industry, we all know that it’s not about the money (unless you are an actual entertainer or athlete) and you have to love what you do to continue on with the craziness. We developed a friendship out of our working relationship. After late night shows, sometimes I would meet him in the parking lot with a 6 pack and a smile…knowing that the day was rough and mentally exhausting. He would leave notes on my car with lines of encouragement and funny jokes when I had been worn down.  It was a beautiful, much appreciated relationship.

This past weekend he asked me to help him out with some on-site marketing at one of his shows. Of course this was featuring my favorite country artist on tour right now, Luke Bryan.  I was incredibly humbled that he had thought of me to help out.  Belting out my favorite country jams in the privacy of my car, the four hour drive to WV Friday night blew by.

While it was a long day of miscellaneous tasks and running around the arena, I got to see the backstage workings of a concert.  It seemed like 100 people were part of the tour, each responsible for a different aspect of the show. Country shows seem to have a more laidback feel – a little less flash and a little more fun.   I could see myself working in the business, although can see how it’s not all glitz and glamour; the fast pace of everyone moving through the day definitely helped me feel the pressure of the task at hand.

I admired my friend, seeing first hand what his job entails.  It’s by no means glamourous as he was calling doctors to tend to a sick bandmember, yelling at arena staff for not getting the job done, trying to find a last minute masseuse for some TLC for the bands/crew, and cranking out numbers, invoices and checks to settle at the close of the event.  It was fascinating and impressive. I left with a much bigger appreciation for his job and the attention to detail that goes into being the promoter of these large scale shows.

I loved the adrenalin that pumped through my body as the show started, the wave of emotion when the band took the stage, the natural rocking of my body when the guitar chords start to play through the speakers.  As the lights dimmed and the crowd cheered at the highest decibels, I was in the moment… I was stageside watching it all unfold and I had been part (even if very minimal) of getting it off the ground that night. That moment took my breath away.

I’m incredibly blessed.  Maybe it’s a little of being in with the right people, making good impressions and loving the fast paced environment of sports & entertainment that has afforded me these great opportunities. However, I know that the key factor is building and maintaining relationships that are important to you – not for the sake of having the “in” all the time…but having people that truly care about you and your dreams to include you in theirs.

This weekend contributed to making me feel like 28 is and will continue to be a great, if not epic, year.

Digitally yours,


I Don’t Want This Night to End


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