Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

I’ve never attempted using one of the Daily Prompt ideas to inspire a blog, but since I needed a little help, here goes nothing!

This week’s prompt was:

“Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.”

I’m going to reveal something embarassing – I did just Google “unconventional” to see what popped up.  For a split second, I thought I may not actually know the meaning and wanted to verify prior to carrying on like someone who didn’t properly understand the task at hand. However, my definition was correct so I feel pretty confident about not deleting this entire post now.

I think as much as we attempt to be “normal,” unconventional love strikes more often in our lives  than we really know.  When I saw the synonyms for unconventional like “out in left field,” “far-out, “eccentric” and “crazy,” it made me realize that is my life.

Plenty of things actually work well together, that may be considered out of the ordinary. 

Here’s my list:

1) Bacon apple pie vanilla milkshakes

  • Never tried it – but it’s the rage around a few select restaurants in CLE

2) Someone originally had to mix red and blue to make purple

  • It’s a great color…

3) Pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

  • When you’re drunk, what isn’t awesome? However a good hot summer rain while drinking, not too bad!

4) Lincoln Park and Jay Z remixes 

5) Heavy drinking and games

  • I don’t think an explaination is needed here. Beer pong, Flip Cup, Kings, etc… You can’t go wrong.

In terms of actual love for a person, I have had my unconventional share of it.  I’ve dated a guy 12 years older than me … I’ve dated someone in another country and a 5 hour plane ride away … I’ve met a guy by falling off a treadmill at the gym … and I’ve felt like I was falling into some deep feelings for a guy I really only knew through text communication.  While it may not be traditional, it’s created some awesome experiences and some really fun memories. 

While I can’t seem to pinpoint the unconventional loves in my life right now,  I’m sure they are there. What I did take note of in this whole thought process, and find to be the important thing to remember, is that unconventional doesn’t mean wrong.  It shouldn’t be anything you have to hide or feel embarassed about.  It’s love at it’s finest because it’s unique and it’s you.

Digitally yours!



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