The Anti-New Year’s Resolution Post

I’m baccckkkkkkkkkkk 🙂

Let me start by just apologizing to my readers (maybe all 4 of you) for the lack of updates with this blog. I am challenging myself to really dig into it this year and make it a place of reflection and creativity….that is also updated regularly.  Thanks for being patient!

(Cartoon credit to Calvin and Hobbes – I’m not that artistic!)


Five days into the new year and I have been inundated with new year’s resolutions and what everyone plans on doing with their upcoming year. This has caused me to take pause and really think about the whole concept of resolutions and my conclusion is…they are a waste of time and energy. In the few weeks before Jan. 1 each year, we all become this beacon of change and inspiration. At the stroke of midnight, we all want to lose weight, budget better, gossip less, get promoted, exercise every day, be a better person, blog more and the list goes on.  The resolutions trap us into analyzing our flaws and concoct somewhat unrealistic goals that will end up being long lost hopes that get thrown to the wayside in a matter of days or weeks following.  This generally leads us to feeling like failures and that’s certainly no way to start a new year!

Now…let me clarify. Am I anti-goals? No. Do I think making changes is dumb? Hell no.  However, I hate thinking of change and re-invention of one’s self as only something that can happen with a blank slate, or start of a new year.  Personally, I also hate pigeon-holing myself into specific things because I operate better when I have some flexibility and know that just because I only lost 5 pounds instead of 10, doesn’t make me a failure.

As I try to do every year, I’m focusing my efforts on things/people/experiences that fulfill the following areas of my life, rather than hard and fast resolutions. These are the measures in which I will use to figure out if life is what I need it to be for myself.  This is how I will continue to make each year better than the last without fail.

1) Does it make me happy?

2) Will I be better for it?

3) Am I learning something?

4) Am I pushing my comfort zone?

2013 was a great year for me – some bumps in the road and life lessons learned, but it was abundantly rich in love, hope, adventure and excitement. I want to carry that all into 2014 and build upon that to make that list longer and stronger as each month passes.  I want to constantly re-evaluate and use these as guidelines for improvement, no matter the time of year. Maybe these change over the course of time when my life changes…but until then, this is what I’ve got and I’m sticking to it!

I don’t need a stroke of midnight or the flipping of a calendar page to tell me when I should start doing more to make myself happier. I’m going to continually kick ass all year round and so should you.

Digitally yours in 2014!



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