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There’s something about being in an airport that’s like being nowhere else. One of the best environments for people watching, hands down. It’s one of those places that brings thousands of people together by happenstance daily.  Some people are running around rushed and stressed…others are tanned and relaxed. There are business suits and flip flops, Louis Vuitton carry-ons and ragged backpacks. Each person with a story to tell – a reason to travel.

I was sitting in the airport on the way home from Florida this past week and I thought the best thing to do is make up stories about people passing by or sitting near me. Where were they going? What’s the back story? 

A very tan gentleman with a fedora and suit on having a cocktail at 9am… possible pimp. OR maybe just a guy who spent on a week on the beach and liked to get fancy for the plane ride. A mother traveling with twin infants – seemingly alone – is she out of her mind? OR was she flying somewhere fun to get her party on…where someone else could take care of the babies for a well deserved break? The business guy in a suit talking obnoxiously loud on a cell phone…jet setting somewhere awesome to do business OR sneaking away for a tryst with an exotic lover?

There was a young girl, probably about five years old, flying with two sets of grandparents. There were no parents to be found, but the girl seemed comfortable with them and was enjoying her stuffed elephant patiently waiting to board her flight.  I looked over to see the one grandmother in tears…then the grandfather. Then everyone huddled together and hugged.  The behavior, and the slight eaves dropping in conversation, led me to believe it was a trip to deal with the death of a loved one.  I teared up for them and in the heat of the moment, I had become part of their story. It was real.

We sat behind a guy on the first flight who decided he would wait until we were pretty much taking off to stop his sexting.  **Note to self – do NOT write scandalous texts when there are people sitting behind you…who are probably creeping…and mad you aren’t obeying FAA rules and regulations during an already nerve wracking part of a plane ride! I think there were a number of girls on his pre-flight sext list…maybe he was preparing for having a full roster by the time he got to his destination. No story to make up here…that man needed to get laid.

The best moments at the airports are the final destinations. When people get off the plane and arrive to baggage claim or a waiting area where someone is there to greet them. I LOVE watching a parent come home to a kid who runs up and yells “DADDY” and gets scooped into his arms. I love when a guy has flowers for the girl of his dreams as she walks back into his life. Of course I get very teary watching anyone in a military uniform coming home. I get emotional seeing families and friends hug and laugh and celebrate being together….that’s the best.

It was fun to daydream about why people were here, where they were going and what waited for them at their final destination. Hopefully they arrived to something that made them smile as big as I did!

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